Dear colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the next Voronezh Winter Mathematical School (VWMS-2020) with is an International Scientific Conference founded by S.G. Krein. VWMS-2020 will be dedicated to the centenary of Mark Aleksandrovich Krasnoselskii . It will take place in the sity of Voronezh (Russia) from 25-th (arrival day) to 30-th (departure day) of January 2020.

The work of VWMS-2020 assumes lectures (45 min.), talks (30 min.), and reports (15 min.) on the following principal areas:

  • Theory of functions and functional analysis;
  • Actual problems of differential equations;
  • Nonlinear analysis and mathematical modelling;
  • Geometry, topology and equations of mathematical physics;
  • History of mathematics;
  • Mathematical models in the theory and the development of electric motor hydraulic pumps (electric pump units) and systems.

By the beginning of the Conference, we plan to issue the collection “Materials of the International Conference «Voronezh Winter Mathematical School by S.G.Krein – 2020»” consisting of papers of lectures and reports.

Below you can see the rules for the authors of papers and the style file

The deadline for sending papers (or abstracts) is the 15-st of December 2019. The volume of a paper (abstract) is up to 3 pages. Please write your questions to the following E-mail, if any.

You can receive any additional information by E-mail: